Book 30 of the Colour Fairies is out now. It is called 'The Coming of the Tree Fairies.'

Book 1 The Day  the Rainbow was Stolen
Book 2 The Colour with no Fairy
Book 3 Pansy and Violet Meet the Dragons
Book 4 The Mystery of the Pink
Book 5 The Colour Fairies Meet the Pixies
Book 6 Ruby and Francisco's Wedding.
Book 7 Where did Hallowe'en Come From
Book 8 The Colours of Christmas
Book 9 St Valentine's Day in Fairyland.
Book 10 The Spring Ball
Book 11 Lost in the Forest
Book 12 How the Easter Bunny Got His Job
Book 13 The Day of the Mermaids
Book 14 Will Golda Become a Princess?
Book 15 The Colour Fairies Practise their Magic
Book 16 The Colour Fairies Make New Friends
Book 17 The Colour Fairies Meet the Night Sky Fairies
Book 18 The Magical Fairy Circle
Book 19 The Scary Monster
Book 20The Enchantment of the Princes
Book 21 The Colour Fairies go to seek their fortune
Book 22 The Tale of the Winter and Christmas Fairies
Book 23 Bonfire Night Story
Book 24 Paloma Blanca and Tulip Arrive
Book 25 The Colour Fairies' Weddings
Book 26 Special Edition The Colour Fairies'Children
Book 27 Polly's Emergency Harvest Kitchen
Book 28 The Grey  Lady
Book 29 A new Regime
Book 30 The Arrival of the Tree Fairies.
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