Here is the winner of the 'Find a Husband for Fatima' competition, Mae Kochenderfer age 8, (right) with her sister Lucy enjoying Book 10 The Spring Ball.



***New Competition***

This competition is to win a spectacular fairy wand. see photos below.


To enter all you have to do is purchase a coloiur fairy book (any format, paperback, kindle or audiobook by the end of June and send me a message via this websie to let me know and your details will be entered into a lucky dip which will be drwn at the end of June. The winner will have this lovely wand sent to them as a prize. 


The handle is gold in colour and has spiral gold wire wapped around it. The head is glittering cut glass facets which reflect the lightandd shimmer in the sun. It is surroundedby tiny crystals which also sparkle and create a truly magical effect. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Maggie J.

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